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Our Films

Copol offers Custom Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films gauges from 20 – 200 μm (0.80 –8.00 mils) Widths up to 1.9m (74”)

Uses & Applications

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We consider every client as a partner in our business, and us in yours! For complete customer support you can trust us to be there from order entry to delivery. You can expect exceptional one-on-one client support, timely deliveries, customized solutions, quality & consistent products, and flexible order options!

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Whether it's a small batch or a large order, Copol is committed to making sure your product is delivered as quickly as possible.

In most cases, we can fill & deliver an order within 3 weeks of receiving it!

Product Quality is a GUARANTEE

Simply put, if you're not happy with your order - we'll always make it right. When it comes to safety, with our HACCP Certification and internal quality testing, you can rest assured that your products will always meet the highest standards. Check out our latest HACCP audit


We take care of our Environement

At Copol we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Not a single ounce of our product is sent to waste. Excess film is re-pelletized and recycled back into our production line. Once complete, all our films are recyclable in the PP recycle streams (number 5).

News & Highlights from Copol

The Circular Economy

The future for the planet depends on recycling our raw materials, creating the Circular Economy.

That is the direction of the plastic industry to ensure the optimum use of our packaging materials without negatively impacting our environment.

The intent is to reap the many benefits of plastic packaging such as:

  • Smaller carbon footprint than other packaging options such as paper, glass or metal
  • Better protection of food products resulting in less food waste
  • More availability of food products worldwide

without the burden of plastic waste building up in the environment.

We need to make it easier to recycle plastic packaging. Mixed plastics do not lend themselves well to recycling and some plastics are very difficult to recycle.

PP is one of the most easily and widely recycled plastics and offer many advantages.

So consider using an all PP structure and help boost the Circular Economy and help the environment. All our products are recyclable in the PP recycle stream number 5.

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